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Overcommitted? Take Control of Your To-Do List in 2019

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Special guest: 
David Allen
Author of Getting Things Done

The New Year usually inspires goalsetting and big ambitions, but for most, adding yet another commitment to their to-do list is the last thing they should do. The latest research from VitalSmarts reveals that when it comes to managing our workload, we're overcommitted and overwhelmed—specifically 3 out of 5 people say they’ve agreed to accomplish more than they can actually do in the time they have available.

As a result of being overprogrammed, people are stressed and on the edge of complete burnout. Specifically, 52% say they are worried about letting themselves or others down, 46% feel overwhelmed, 37% say they are rarely or never really present, and 41% are unsure of where to start in their efforts to get it all done. Sound familiar?

The good news is that we're just a few productivity skills away from gaining control of our commitments and to-do lists.

Join Emily Gregory, GTD expert, and special guest David Allen, author of the New York Times bestseller Getting Things Done, on Tuesday, January 22 a 1:00 pm ET for a FREE, 45-min webcast to learn a few simple productivity skills to help you manage your workload in 2019. You’ll learn tips to:

  • Renegotiate past and future commitments.
  • Take control of your to-do list, once and for all.
  • Capture, review, and prioritize incoming requests.

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