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"Ask Me Anything"
with Joseph Grenny

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Exclusive "Ask Me Anything" presentation with Joseph Grenny.

Event Description:

Join Joseph Grenny and VitalSmarts training designer Justin Hale for this on-demand webinar, recorded on March 20 for this incredible opportunity to tap into Joseph’s wealth of knowledge and experience. During this 45-minute webinar, we’ll take rapid-fire questions and Joseph will respond directly to you. You’ll come away with tips proven to help you and your organization.

Questions included:

  • How do I approach a difficult conversation that I should have held a long time ago? Is it too late?
  • Changing culture is something we need. But it seems big, how would I go about even starting?
  • We talk about making it safe for others, but how do I make it safe for me?
  • How do personality profiles play into how people handle crucial conversations? 
  • And many more...
Length: 45-minutes
Cost: Free
How to join: Simple, complete the form and hit the blue button.