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The Power of Habit

Cut Career Transition Time & Costs
Through Accelerated Habit Change

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Guest Speaker:
Charles Duhigg
New York Times bestselling
author of
The Power of Habit

Career transitions are inevitable and frequent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people hold an average of 12 different jobs across the span of their career. And whether entering the workforce or taking on a leadership role, the transition time it takes your people to master the new habits required for success in their new position comes with a cost.

The latest research from VitalSmarts shows your people are struggling to quickly and adeptly transition into their new roles and it’s costing you. Specifically, it takes new employees 5-6 months and emerging leaders 6-7 months to master new habits required for success. The price tag on employees’ lack of agility costs you $21 – 30K per employee. When multiplied across your workforce, these costs are staggering. But consider the savings if your workforce was agile enough to cut that transition time in half—or better.

Join VitalSmarts training designer, Justin Hale, and author of the New York Times bestseller The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, in a free, on-demand webinar. They'll discuss the results of this research as well as share the science behind habit formation. You’ll learn:

  • The Habit Loop that drives your employees' behavior
  • How to help employees identify the key habits for success in their new role
  • How transitioning employees can add cues and rewards to tip the balance in their favor

Get access to the on-demand webinar, slide deck, and follow up resources. Watch at your leisure, rewind, take notes, and enjoy!